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P1853 Enfield Ammunition

NEW! The history and development of the bullets and cartridges used in the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket

Live-Fire Enfield Cartridges for the .577-cal P1853 Enfield rifle-musket: accurate reproductions of the 1859 British Army P1853 Enfield rifle cartridge. Millions were shipped through the blockade for the Confederate Army in the American Civil War. Each cartridge has the historically correct .550-inch Pritchett-style bullet and clay plug, like the originals. Just add black powder (65 grains 2F recommended) and you're ready to go! Click here for more details about our Enfield cartridges.

About Authentic Cartridges

A short introduction to period-correct ammunition methods of construction for Civil War era cartridges

SALE: 69-caliber Buck and Ball Cartridges.

550-cal Enfield cartridges

Live Fire Muzzleloader Shooting

Bullets and cartridges correctly made to historic specifications for Civil War-period long arms

SALE: 69-caliber buck and ball cartridges! We have a limited quantity of buck and ball on hand, and the boxes are taking up too much space (in other words, she wants more room in the garage). So this means a spring buck and ball sale! These historically-accurate cartridges come with one 662-cal round ball and three 32-cal buckshot, for live-firing with your M1842, Charleville, or other 69-cal smoothbore musket. An absolute blast to shoot! It isn't kind to target frames, either. This was truly a devastating cartridge!  Click here for more details. 

$18 for 24 cartridges (contact us if you need more than 24)

Reenacting & Living History

Authentic cartridges accurately resembling period rounds, with bullets simulated by tissue paper

Shooting the P1853 Enfield

A few observations about making and shooting historically-accurate cartridges in the P1853 Enfield.

Updated November 2016 with new information on shooting an Enfield with progressive depth rifling.

Ten Rules for Enfield Cartridges

Best practices for making your own Enfield cartridges for the P1853 rifle, and a few tips for troubleshooting if your Enfield cartridges don't seem to be working.

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