Authentic Paper Cartridges

NOTICE:We are both in the Army Reserve and will be away for training through mid-August 2016. Any new orders will be delayed until after we get back. Also regret our source of abundant, cheap soft lead has dried up (an old sailboat keel) and live-fire bullet costs will be increasing correspondingly. Apologies for any inconvenience. ​26 May 2016

Recreating quality historically-accurate ammunition for the discerning Living Historian or  black powder muzzleloader Shooter, since 2008! 

B. Gibbons & C. Beresovoy, Proprietors

About Authentic Cartridges

The history, development, and period methods of construction of military paper cartridges 1842-1865.

Live Fire Muzzleloader Shooting

Bullets and cartridges correctly made to historic specifications for Civil War-period long arms

Reenacting & Living History

Authentic cartridges accurately resembling period rounds, with bullets simulated by tissue paper

Shooting the P1853 Enfield

A few observations about making and shooting historically-accurate cartridges in the P1853 Enfield.