​​​Authentic Paper Cartridges. Extremely Limited Availability,
I am deployed and will return in fall 2021.

This enormous bullet was designed for the Pattern 1851 Minie rifle, the immediate predecessor of the famous Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket. It is .690-inch diameter and weighs 740 grains. Original bullets utilized an iron cup in the base; our bullets use brass instead of iron, as brass is much easier to be formed into the correct shape. 

Many first-generation rifle-muskets were made in enormous calibers, including the rare .702-caliber Pattern 1851 Minie rifle and the somewhat more common French, Prussian, Belgian, and other early rifle-muskets in approximately .70-caliber. Additionally, many reproduction U.S. M1842 rifled muskets (such as Armisport) have bore sizes of .695 or larger, and may perform well with this larger .690" bullet. 

These bullets were intended to be paper patched. If you use them without a paper patch, they will need a greased or lubricated wad under them to prevent barrel fouling. 

I use a charge of 50 to 52 grains of Fg (1Fg) black powder in my P1851 Minie rifle. 

.690-inch Minie bullets (expanding cup optional) 

.690" Bullets for P1851 Minie Rifle or other large bore Rifle-Muskets

740 grains pure lead

Unavailable until I'm back from deployment, winter of 2021.