​Authentic Paper Cartridges         

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Brett Gibbons and Chris Beresovoy have over 30 combined years of black powder shooting and reenacting experience. ​We have been recreating authentic cartridges for 19th century historic firearms (for both live-fire and living history) since 2008. We are both Army veterans.

Neither of us are in the authentic cartridge business to get rich; it's not exactly a lucrative field. We do a lot of shooting (and reenacting) ourselves, so we make the cartridges and stick them in boxes. Whenever we go shooting, or whenever an order comes in, we reach into the same box. What we sell here is exactly the same stuff we shoot ourselves. 

Over many years of shooting and reenacting, we've figured out what works for us and if it also works for you, we are very happy to be able to help. Not everyone has the time, space, immense patience, and dexterity to make authentic cartridges; others just find it more convenient to buy them ready-made.

It may not be good business sense, but we have published articles on this site and elsewhere that provides step by step instructions on how to make everything we sell here. We hope this website has been useful for you!