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Brett Gibbons started selling authentic cartridges for Civil War reenacting in 2008. When not reenacting or making historically-correct ammunition for his muskets, Brett is a company commander in the US Army and an Ordnance officer. He writes extensively on the history and context of mid-19th century firearms and tactical development, and is the author of The Destroying Angel: The Rifle-Musket as the First Modern Infantry Weapon, available here at Amazon.com.

Chris Beresovoy has over 20 years reenacting experience as a progressive authentic campaigner. In addition to reenacting, Chris served six years in the US Army as an ammunition specialist. 

None of us are in the authentic cartridge business to get rich; it's not exactly a lucrative field. We have been using all the cartridges for sale on this site for many years. Over many years of shooting and reenacting, we've figured out what works for us and if it also works for you, we are very happy to be able to help. Not everyone has the time, space, patience, and dexterity to make authentic cartridges; others just find it more convenient to buy them ready-made.

It may not be good business sense, but we have published articles on this site and elsewhere that provides step by step instructions on how to make just about everything we sell here. We hope this website has been useful for you!