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The Handbook for the School of Musketry           $11.95

by Brett Gibbons

The definitive handbook for anyone with an interest in historically-correct marksmanship with Civil War-era rifles. This short yet meticulously researched handbook faithfully summarizes the practical marksmanship lessons of the British Army's School of Musketry at Hythe as they were presented around the year 1860. Includes numerous illustrations, a brief history of the School of Musketry, and descriptions of the crucial battles of this era that demonstrated the rifle's dominance on modern battlefields.

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The Destroying Angel: The Rifle-Musket as the First Modern Infantry Weapon             

by Brett Gibbons, with a foreword by Lt. General (ret.) Phil Jones, CB CBE DL

The Destroying Angel comprehensively argues for the rifle-musket's place as the first modern infantry weapon. New research considers the performance of the rifle-musket in the Crimean War and the Indian Rebellion of 1857, where it was decisive in the hands of trained troops. The rifle-musket's bloody contribution to the American Civil War is carefully considered, along with changes to rifle technology and tactics in the Second Schleswig War (1864) and the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. 183 pages, with numerous illustrations.

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School of Musketry Companion​        $16

by Brett Gibbons, with foreword by Darrell R. Rivers   Sold Out

​This 44-page booklet condenses the lessons taught at the circa-1860 British Army's School of Musketry into accessible and easily understood language for the modern historical rifle-musket shooter. ​ Abundant illustrations accompany the areas covered including the Position Drill, Aiming Drill, and Judging Distance. Includes notes on the historical significance of the rifle-musket and suggestions for the modern shooter. Period correct string-binding.