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Colt's Dragoon .44 conical ball. These are .457" in diamater, 0.8-inches long, and weigh a considerable 260 grains. It is an impressive bullet for an impressive gun! Being as these are Colt's Dragoon bullets, they will be TOO LONG to fit the loading cuts in regular Army Pattern revolvers. Price includes US shipping.

Conical Bullets for Civil War era Cap & Ball Revolvers, .36 and .44 caliber

Cast on the wonderful Eras Gone bullet molds. Check them out at 

Richmond Labs "Type III" .36 caliber conical ball. This versatile conical measures .390" in diameter, which means it will safely seal the cylinder in just about any 36-caliber cap and ball revolver. This bullet doesn't care, and will swage on ramming to fit all of your 36-cal revolvers. Pure lead. Price includes US shipping.
.44cal Johnston & Dow Cap & Ball Conicals (price includes US shipping). 220 grains pure lead. ‚ÄčA very successful contract-produced Civil War bullet, ten million of these conical bullets were sold to the U.S. Army by Johnston and Dow. It performed much better than the old Government ball. I have found it easy to load even in newer reproduction cap and ball revolvers.
Kerr .44-caliber cap & ball conicals. Actual diameter is .457" and weigh 225. They have a long tapered heel, which allow them to sit very low in the chamber mouth when loading. This in turn allows them to be used easily even in revolvers that are only cut for round ball (the much-proliferated Cabela's Pietta .44 "Navy" being a prime example). This long heel also makes them ideal for making your own combustible cartridges. Price includes US shipping.

36-cal Colt Cartridge Works Cap & Ball Conicals, 128 grains pure lead. This is a very pleasant shooting conical bullet that I have had great success with out of my little Colt 1862 Pocket Police revolver. The original design, which is beautifully captured by the Eras Gone mold, is an excellent shooter and loads easily (especially in cap and ball revolvers with the "conical cut out" in the frame). Temporarily unavailable.