​​​Authentic Paper Cartridges. Extremely Limited Availability,
I am deployed and will return in fall 2021.

Conical Bullets for Civil War era Cap & Ball Revolvers, .36 and .44 caliber

Cast on the wonderful Eras Gone bullet molds. Check them out at www.erasgonebullets.com 

I am deployed. Until I get back in Fall 2021, many of these conicals are available at Jefferson Arsenal. Check out their page at https://www.thejeffersonarsenal.com

.44 Johnston & Dow conical ball for cap and ball .44-caliber revolvers. Cast on Eras Gone mold, they are 217 grains and sized at .46" so they will beautifully seal the chamber of your cap and ball gun. In stock, ready to ship, at Jefferson Arsenal. $30 for 60 bullets.Click here to order.

.44 Johnston & Dow conical cap and ball pistol bullet