​​Authentic Paper Cartridges. Temporarily Closed for Deployment - Back in Winter 2021

This is the most challenging cartridge I have ever made. The Dreyse Needle Rifle is not easy to make cartridges for, but for those dedicated shooters who want to try the historic Langblei bullet without having an expensive custom mold made, here you go! 

Cast on the wonderful brass Old West Bullet Mold, which is sadly no longer available. 

This is for the bullet only​ and NOT the completed cartridge. If you send me a note, I can also provide patterns for rolling up the paper sabot that I use with this bullet, and forming the cartridge wrapper. 

Dreyse Zündnadelgewehr (Needle-Rifle) Bullets, 13.5mm Langblei ​version

Unavailable until I'm back from deployment, winter of 2021.