​​​Authentic Paper Cartridges. Extremely Limited Availability,
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My .550-caliber Enfield cartridges are copies of originals, made by E. & A. Ludlow, of Birmingham, a major supplier for the Confederate Army during the Civil War 

"I paste on the top of this sheet samples of labels taken from cartridges used by the enemy during the late battle, thousands of which are strewn upon the ground... the rebels procure their cartridges of E. & A. Ludlow, Birmingham, England."
       Brigadier General William Tecumseh Sherman, 17 April 1862, after the Battle of Shiloh, in a letter endorsed by General Grant

Loading and firing the Enfield paper cartridge. They slide down the barrel with ease, even after firing dozens (or hundreds) of rounds. 

These Enfield paper cartridges are made with precision to the original historic paper patterns, and use the correct "Pritchett-style" bullet. The bullets are pressed into shape from cold lead by compression like the originals, instead of being cast from molten lead. These modern recreations are the result of the better part of a decade of research. This is precision ammo, made within tolerances measured to the thousandth of an inch, and we have recreated the iconic Enfield paper cartridges down to the smallest detail. 

We now offer two variants of this cartridge. The original 1853 Pritchett cartridge used the .568-caliber bullet designed by R. T. Pritchett, which saw limited service at the end of the Crimean War (1854-1856), but was later produced in vast quantities by Confederate arsenals during the American Civil War. The final 1859 Boxer cartridge utilizes a .550-caliber plug bullet that was adopted in 1859 at the urging of Captain Edward M. Boxer, Superintendent of the Royal Laboratory at Woolwich. Captain Boxer found that the .550-caliber bullet was much easier to load during periods of sustained fire on the battlefield, but just as accurate. This represented the last improvement ever made to muzzleloading military rifle ammunition, and is arguably the perfected rifle-musket cartridge.

The cartridges can be used in a any .577 or .58-caliber rifle-musket in good shooting condition, including the P1853 Enfield, the US Model 1861 or 1863 Springfield, the C.S. Richmond, and .58-caliber Zouave rifles. They are lubricated with the historically correct composition of beeswax and tallow.

The cartridges contain NO POWDER due to Federal shipping regulations. Before shooting, you need to fill the cartridges with powder and twist the tails closed. The period charge was 2.5 drams, or approximately 65 grains of Fg or FFg black powder. ​​ I can fit up to 28 into a small flat rate box (this is the best shipping option due to the weight of the lead).​  If you need more than 28, please contact me and I will send you a quote for the quantity you need. US Shipping Only -- International buyers please contact me.

Enfield Paper Cartridges for Rifle-Muskets, .568 and .550 cal cartridges

.568-cal Pritchett cartridge (1853)

Early British and Confederate variant

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.550-cal Boxer cartridge (1859)

Final British version of the Enfield cartridge

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Watch (and listen!) as a bullet from one of our cartridges hits a steel plate at 300 yards. Yeah, the video says 250, but it was actually closer to 300. Notice that you can hear the sound of the gunshot before the bullet impact; at 300 yards the bullet has already gone subsonic.