Your musketry instructors: Darrell Rivers, Brett Gibbons, and Chris Beresovoy



5-6 September on BLM land at the School of Musketry site 

north of Adelanto, CA on Highway 395


But if you can pitch in a few bucks to defray cost of steel targets, spray paint, etc., we would highly appreciate it!

​inquiries: (805) 218-2214 or 

You're welcome to join us for a  fun weekend of rifle-musket shooting, as we return to the original School of Musketry site on BLM land north of Adelanto, CA. This enables us to keep costs down, allows us to camp on-site (although hotel options are 20 minutes away), and most importantly, lets us fire out to very​ long ranges. The School of Musketry uses large steel targets​, you'll know when you hit them by the satisfying "claaang" they make. 

What is the School of Musketry? We recreate the historic British Army's School of Musketry at Hythe from the early 1860s, and faithfully cover the principle areas of instruction.​ 

We will bring shade awnings for all to use; we recommend you bring a comfy camp chair, your 58-cal rifle-musket and shooting supplies (if you need a rifle, we have a few loaners, just let us know to RSVP), eye and hearing protection, and camping gear if you plan to stay the night. There are also affordable hotels (Day's Inn, $69 a night) just down the road in Adelanto if you prefer not to camp.  Plan for serious heat (95 degrees in the day, can drop below 40 at night). Period Victorian-era attire encouraged! 


The School of Musketry is instructed by three highly knowledgeable professionals with considerable experience in the areas of black powder rifle shooting and historical research

Brett Gibbons, Serjeant-Instructor, HM School of Musketry -- a US Army Reserve officer and author of The Destroying Angel and The English Cartridge.

Christopher Beresovoy, Serjeant-Instructor, HM School of Musketry -- commander of the 2nd Florida Infantry Civil War reenacting group with fifteen years black powder experience and over four years service in a US Army ammunition unit

​Darrell Rivers, Major, HM 44th Regiment of Foot -- historical consultant for major television and film productions, and the reenactor coordinator for the largest Civil War reenactment on the West Coast

For more information, please send an email:


The actual British Army School of Musketry at Hythe in the late 1850s and 1860s was a course of many weeks. Much of this instruction was introducing recruits to firearms, many of whom had never shot a gun before; we assume that those attending the condensed modern School of Musketry are more familiar with firearms. The following subjects are covered:

Judging Distance -- historically correct methods of estimating range in the days before laser rangefinders

Position Drill and Aiming Drill -- correct shooting posture and use of sights (including full-sight, half-sight, etc.)

Theoretical Principles -- trajectories of black powder projectiles (crucial knowledge for accurate long range shooting)

Evolutions of Infantry -- loading and firing in accordance with Her Majesty's Regulations

Long Range Musketry -- apply what you have learned and hit the steel targets at long ranges

The "FTG Invitational" -- lighthearted competitive shoot using rifle and ammunition specifically from one country

The Queen's Prize -- goes to the first one to hit a 600 yard target, standing offhand

     and the ever-popular

The "Pour-le-Pritchett" Competition Shoot -- the coveted prize goes to the highest scoring shooter


Following the course of instruction, shooters will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and complete a condensed version of the British Army's individual rifle qualification, at target ranges from 100 to 300 yards. Historically, they fired 90 rounds at ranges up to 900 yards! Additionally,  we will attempt to beat the score of the shooters at the 1860's School of Musketry by firing at a long-range target!

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