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Pritchett bullet

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Swaged Pritchett (Metford) bullets, 530 grains pure lead, .568-inch diameter

Pritchett bullet 568

.550-caliber 1859 Enfield bullet (original and reproduction bullets on the right) 

.568-caliber Pritchett (Metford) bullet

​Swaged Enfield bullets, .550-inch 1859 version, pure lead, plug cavity

Pritchett bullet for Enfield rifle musket
Enfield bullet 550
These compression-formed (not cast) bullets are exact reproductions of final version of the "Pritchett" bullet that was adopted by the British Army in 1859 for use in P1853 Enfield rifle-muskets. As superintendent of the Royal Laboratory at Woolwich, Captain Edward M. Boxer (who later invented the centerfire primer for modern brass cartridges) reduced the Enfield bullet from .568 to .550 inch in order to make loading easier in battlefield conditions.

These also work beautifully in 58 caliber rifles like the U.S. Springfield. Like the original bullets, they are 100% foundry pure lead and formed by compression in a custom made Corbin swage die. Because they are swaged, not cast, they are perfectly solid, and do not have any of the inherent flaws of cast bullets, such as voids, hidden air bubbles, and variation in size and weight. 

During the American Civil War, the qualities of the Enfield cartridge and Pritchett bullet were appreciated by Confederate ordnance officers, who adopted the Enfield cartridge for use in the Confederate armies. Tens of millions of these Enfield cartridges would be run through the Union blockade to supply the Confederate Army, where they were prized for their quality and accuracy.

The historic 550-cal Enfield bullet used an expanding plug (you can buy them with plugs included as an option), and was always fired with a paper patch. You can buy ready-made Enfield cartridges here or make your own using cartridge paper patterns.

For quantities over 72 bullets, please contact me for bulk order pricing.
Pritchett bullets
This is the original Pritchett bullet, as designed by William Metford and adopted by R. T. Pritchett for military use in the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle in 1853. Just like the originals, these are swaged (compression-formed, not cast), are .568-inch in diameter, weigh 530 grains, with a shallow base cavity. This is the bullet that went to the battlefields of the Crimean War with the first model P1853 rifles. Confederate arsenals making Enfield cartridges also used this early Pritchett bullet, because it was simple to make, very ​accurate in any .577 or .58 caliber rifle, and did not require any base plug. These bullets shoot best when paper patched, with thin "onion-skin" paper. 

You can buy ready-made Pritchett cartridges here.

For quantities over 72 bullets, please contact me for bulk order pricing.