​​​Authentic Paper Cartridges. Extremely Limited Availability,
I am deployed and will return in fall 2021.

Contact gunsmith Robert Bradley at bradleyrobertc@gmail.com for a precision-machined Snider core pin that is a drop-in fit for the Original style Lee 575-500M bullet mold. $38 with shipping to the U.S.

Our bullets for the .577 Snider closely replicate the performance of the original bullet, which had a hollow cavity in the nose and a plug base cavity. By hollowing the center of the bullet and moving the center of gravity back, much greater accuracy was achieved. William Ellis Metford discovered this in the mid-1860s, and the concept was adopted for the British Army's .577 Snider bullet. 

Historically, these were made by machinery in a multi-step process. A simplified version of the bullet, with one elongated cavity, was later developed and is best known as the variant used in Japanese Snider cartridges. With a hollow core and balanced center of gravity, 

Core Pin for Japanese Snider bullet, fits Lee 575-500 Minie molds

Our Snider bullets closely resemble the Japanese bullet, and are cast from dead soft pure lead. They come out to about 530 grains in weight and are sized .5765 for good fit in a sized .577 Snider brass case. The bullets are fitted with plugs, like the originals.

These bullets must be used with a wood, clay, or epoxy plug to prevent "blow-through" especially if you are using loads that approach or equal the historic military service charge. Without a plug, there is a risk of the thin top of the bullet blowing out, leaving the bullet stuck in your barrel. 

.577 Snider Bullets, .5765-inch diameter, 530 grains pure lead

Unavailable until I'm back from deployment, winter of 2021.