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Victorian Rifleman's Stadia Rangefinder

These are faithful reproductions of the "Rifle Stadium" that was produced by Holtzapffel & Co in the 1860s. This particular version is featured prominently in Hans Busk's Hand-Book for Hythe and other books on Victorian-era rifle shooting, the Volunteer movement, etc. 

This precisely engraved brass instrument was a quick field expedient for estimating the range of objects; it works by measuring the apparent size of distant objects, 6 feet tall for infantry (left side) and 8 feet tall for cavalry (right side). Stadia like these saw service in the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny, the American Civil War, and the Zulu War. Perhaps best known for their use in the American Civil War, these stadia and others like it were common privately purchased items by officers on both sides of the conflict. 

In the 1860's this instrument cost ten shillings and fourpence, or the equivalent of ten days pay for the common soldier, a testament to the quality and precision of the original article.

This is not thin, cheap brass! It is thick and hefty in the hand, made from thick gauge brass with a historically-correct riveted slide. 

It is the definitive tool for assisting you in sharpshooting at Gettysburg or Petersburg, properly engaging the Queen's enemies in the Crimea or Rorke's Drift, or just showing off your Victorian Rifleman skills at the shooting range. Indispensable for reenactors and Victorian Riflemen. 

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Quote from Hans Busk's 1858 ​Rifleman's Manual