50 .36 Colt Cartridge Works conical ball, $12 (plus shipping, US only) Temporarily unavailable while I focus on catching up on rifle bullet orders. Thanks for your patience.

Swaged paper patch cylindrical Whitworth bullets, 530 grains pure lead, for .451" rifles, diameter .442". The historically-correct Whitworth bullets are exact recreations of the originals made for the British Army (and imported for the Confederate Army). They were designed at the Royal Arsenal to work perfectly in the hexagonal Whitworth bore. Because they are swaged, and not cast, they are essentially perfect in weight and size. Warranted to be within 2 grains plus or minus from target weight of 530.0 grains (most are within 1-grain). Paper patched, they are .449 in diameter. 

Johnston & Dow .44-cal conical for cap and ball revolvers, ​cast on the Eras Gone mold. Millions were provided for Federal contracts in the Civil War, and today this remains a very popular conical for the venerable .44's. About 220 grains, pure lead, and they fall from the mold about .459" diameter. 

Quantity .568 Pritchett cartridges
Box of 36, price includes shipping
.550 Enfield-Boxer Cartridges
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.41 Swiss (10.4mm Vetterli) bullets, 318 grains, heeled with hollow base. An exact recreation of the original bullet used in the Swiss military M/69 Vetterli rifle. Flat nose for safety in Vetterli rifles converted to centerfire. This bullet is the correct overall length to ensure reliable function of the Vetterli tube magazine. Hollow base ensures expansion and accuracy even in rifles with worn bores. Click here to learn more.   $39.75, price includes​ US shipping.

Colt Cartridge Works conical bullets for .36-caliber cap and ball revolvers, cast on the wonderful Eras Gone bullet mold. I have very limited supply on hand, which I cast back in 2020 before I deployed. $12 for 50 bullets, plus shipping to US addresses only. 

Swaged Whitworth ball, quantity 20.

UPDATE 19 January 2022: I am shipping most orders in 1-3 days but on some very popular products I'm working hard to keep in stock, and could be 3-5 days for them to ship. Thanks for your patience! 

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Box of 64 Swiss Vetterli, $39.75

Shooting the P1853 Enfield

A few observations about making and shooting historically-accurate cartridges in the P1853 Enfield.

Updated February 2018

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Williams Patent "Cleaner" cartridges for .58 or .577 caliber rifle-muskets, Type II, 600 grains, .574" diameter. The Williams bullet has a controversial reputation. Even though its inventor, Elijah Williams, proposed it as a more accurate rifle bullet, this unique projectile's ability to clean the fouling from a dirty barrel has given it the nickname "the Williams Cleaner." Tens of millions were made for U.S. Army service, and to identify Williams cartridges, the paper was often dyed blue and these historically correct cartridges are also dyed using a period process.  At 600 grains, the Williams delivers enormous energy and the base plug ensures rapid, full expansion. Click here for more info.

19 January 2022: Sold out! Please check back in a few days.
.44 Kerr conical ball, quantity 50, $24 with US shipping included
Minie (Burton) bullets for .58 and .577 caliber rifle-muskets, 495 grains, sized to order. Cast on Lyman 575213OS mold. ​The infamous "Minnie ball" caused the majority of battlefield wounds during the American Civil War. Available unsized, or sized to .5765" or .574" as adopted by the U.S. Army in 1862, to allow easy and consistent loading. Available pre-lubricated upon request.  Click here for more details.

Fifty .44 Johnston & Dow conical ball, $24 with free shipping within the US.

Ten Rules for Enfield Cartridges

Best practices for making your own Enfield cartridges for the P1853 rifle, and a few tips for troubleshooting if your Enfield cartridges don't seem to be working.

.58-cal Minie cartridges, quantity
Williams Cartridges (price includes US shipping)
Box of 36 Type II Williams Bullets, $49

.44 Kerr cap and ball revolver bullets. Cast on the Eras Gone mold. Personally, I find this to be the best bullet for my .44 C&B's and because it is a heeled bullet, it is easy to load, even in revolvers with small frame cut-outs. $24, price includes​ shipping!

.550-inch Pritchett bullets, compression formed. 530 grains, for .577 or .58 caliber rifle-muskets. These are swaged (like the historical bullets) and not cast, forming perfect bullets that perform wonderfully in rifle-muskets like the P1853 Enfield and 1861 Springfield. These bullets are exactly like the originals in every specification. If you want to shoot your .577 Enfield rifle the way it was intended, then these are the bullets to use! Click here for more information.

Sold out. I can't keep these in stock! Making more as quickly as I can.

Minie Cartridges for .58-cal and .577-cal rifle-muskets. ​The most common cartridge used in the American Civil War, by far! These contain a 495-grain Burton-style Minie ball sized to the historically correct .574" for easy, consistent loading. The bullets are also lubed with the 1860's composition of beeswax and real mutton tallow. Just fill with powder, and you're ready for the range. ​ Click here for more information.

P1853 Enfield Ammunition

The history and development of the bullets and cartridges used in the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket

Enfield Cartridges for .577 or .58-caliber rifle-muskets. Now available with .568 and .550 bullets. Perfected for the British Army in the late 1850s, the .568 version was quickly adopted for the Confederate Army. Millions were imported through the blockade or made in Confederate arsenals. Each cartridge has the historically correct swaged Pritchett-style bullet. Just add black powder and you're ready to go! Click here for more details about our Enfield cartridges.

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