Williams Bullets (includes US shipping)
.568 Pritchett Cartridges (price includes US shipping)

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.539-inch Lorenz bullets (price includes US shipping)

Brett and Chris doing what we like best, shooting authentic cartridges

Lorenz .54-cal Compression Bullets and Cartridges. For the M1854 Lorenz. Just in time for you to shoot the new Pedersoli reproduction 1854 Lorenz with the historically correct bullet and paper cartridge. These bullets and cartridges also work wonderfully in the 1857 "Mauser" Vereinsgewehr, and the .539-cal bullet can be used without a paper patch in any 54-caliber rifle like the M1841 "Mississippi" rifle.  Click here for more details on our Lorenz bullets and cartridges.
.573-inch Williams Patent "Cleaner" Bullet and Cartridges. For .577 or .58 caliber rifle-muskets. In the middle of the American Civil War, Elijah Williams patented a bullet that was quickly adopted by the U.S. Ordnance Department. Designed for greater accuracy, soldiers noticed they kept bore of the rifle-musket clean, leading to the nickname "Williams Cleaner Bullet." Now you can try our reproduction of this iconic Civil War bullet, which we have found to be an extremely accurate shooter. Click here for more information.

P1853 Enfield Ammunition

The history and development of the bullets and cartridges used in the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket

Ten Rules for Enfield Cartridges

Best practices for making your own Enfield cartridges for the P1853 rifle, and a few tips for troubleshooting if your Enfield cartridges don't seem to be working.

.550-inch Pritchett Cartridges (Price includes US shipping)
Enfield Cartridges for .577 or .58-caliber rifle-muskets. Now available with .568 and .550 bullets. Perfected for the British Army in the late 1850s, it was quickly adopted by the Confederate Army. Millions were imported and made in Confederate arsenals. Each cartridge has the historically correct swaged Pritchett-style bullet. Just add black powder and you're ready to go! Click here for more details about our Enfield cartridges.
.550-inch Pritchett Bullets (price includes US shipping)

Authentic Paper Cartridges. We are open and shipping products as fast as we can make them! Turnaround time is 5-7 days on most items.

.550-inch Pritchett bullets, compression formed. 530 grains, for .577 or .58 caliber rifle-muskets. These are swaged (like the historical bullets) and not cast, forming perfect bullets that perform wonderfully in rifle-muskets like the P1853 Enfield and 1861 Springfield. These bullets are exactly like the originals in every specification. If you want to shoot your .577 Enfield rifle the way it was intended, then these are the bullets to use! Click here for more information.

P1853 Enfield Ammunition

The history and development of the bullets and cartridges used in the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket. This 40-page downloadable PDF includes the patterns for every version of the remarkable Enfield cartridge, from the first bullet designed by Metford and perfected by Pritchett, to the final .550-inch version of the cartridge produced by Colonel Boxer's Royal Laboratory.

Shooting the P1853 Enfield

A few observations about making and shooting historically-accurate cartridges in the P1853 Enfield.

Updated February 2018